Remembering Pig

Archive for July, 2007

So it’s our one year anniversary, Pig. Last year on July 22, we first met you at the Denver Dumb Friends League. You were unfortunately named Ginseg (I’m guessing some DDFL worker was trying to spell Ginseng), but Papa astutely saw that you were to be Pig. And boy, did that name fit.

In that little meeting room, you stole our hearts. You revealed your possessive personality right away, claiming us as yours and warding away random little girls who looked dangerously close to wanting to adopt you too. You were tiny, with enormous character. And that never changed.

On July 23, we got to take you home. You were neutered and ID chipped. And although we never had to use that chip for lost and found purposes, we lost you anyway. It still hurts.

But now we are literally (and figuratively) watched over by you. We just got a home security system installed, and our password is Piggy. Words can’t express how appropriate that is.

And so we can sleep better at night knowing that you are protecting us, as you were always our jealous little cat who didn’t like to share us anyway. Thanks, Piggy.